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A Mission Field Right Here

I spent the last three days driving with my brother Paul and his family as they moved from Virginia Beach to Salt Lake City. And what an adventure it was.

Only 3 hours into the scheduled 33 hours of driving, the truck began overheating and we had to stop at a diesel mechanic to get it checked out. Those guys were awesome! Real salt-of-the-earth kind of people. The owner spent the whole day trying to figure it out and eventually got us back on the road, but now we were 9 hours behind schedule and there was no way we were going to make it to our first stop that night.

So Paul and I drove through the night, past the first night’s intended stop, and right on to Cheyenne, WY for our next stop! We spent 28 hours straight in that truck! That was mostly uneventful, except that we did run out of fuel once (thanks to a faulty fuel gauge).

We got a very good night of rest and continued on the next day to the final destination of Salt Lake City, UT.

That trip was a blast! I got to spend some great quality time with my brother, and if you’ve never been to the Rockies, you should go. It is truly stunning!

Those things make for a great trip, but what’s the point? Why is my brother moving to Utah?

Why Move to Utah

Paul and his wife just uprooted their family and moved across the country because of a mission field that exists right here in the US. Because of the influence of the Mormon church, there is an incredibly small Christian influence in Utah.

In fact, if Utah were a separate country, we would refer to it as an unreached people group.

There is a great need for people that will preach the good news of the gospel in this area – no passport required!

And so, Paul and his family went! God put a burden on their heart for these people and they obeyed His call.

I’ll let him give you more information. I strongly encourage you to check out his website, and if the Lord leads you to, support his family as they begin this crazy adventure. An exciting trip out west is just the beginning.

I’m so excited for them and glad I got to be a part of this journey!


Please be praying for me as I fly home! Flights have already been canceled and rebooked. Unfortunately, this all happened in the middle of this whole pandemic, so please pray that I get home safely and stay healthy.

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