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A Big Thanks!

This week has been exciting!

As we announced in last week’s blog, we’ve reached 100% of the monthly budget that Wycliffe has established for us, AND we’ve reached the minimum amount needed for launch expenses. (Check out Jack’s blog from last week for more details on that!)

Many emails and virtual document signing took place over the past few days, officially moving us out of the initial Partnership Development phase and into the next... LAUNCH!

We’ve been assigned to a new direct supervisor - called our “Launch Coordinator”. We’ve moved into a new chapter of responsibilities and have been given the green light by all involved to begin the departure process. How exciting is that?!?


As we move into the next phase, we want to take a moment to recognize some of the precious people that God has used to get us to this place.

Meet Lisa.

Lisa has been our Partnership Development Coach since the moment we joined Wycliffe. She has been our direct supervisor from the beginning and has been a huge help through every step. She prayed for us faithfully as we wrapped up life in Michigan, sold the house, moved into the camper, and said good-bye to many people. During our weekly Zoom sessions, she helped us put together our story in a concise and clear way. She helped us think through who to reach out to and how to word our “ask”. She reminded us to rest and recharge as a family, especially during our travels. She loves our kids and visited us in the camper while we were parked in Orlando.

Lisa was one of our instructors at Equip in Orlando in June 2019, the new member orientation course that every Wycliffe member attends before beginning Partnership Development. She is very knowledgeable about the computer programs used to track our partners and financials. She is up-to-date on the latest Wycliffe branding and resources. She gladly read over many of our blog posts to make sure we had the best wording, especially for financial updates. She was our go-to person for any question that came up.

From joining Wycliffe to reaching 100%, she was right there with us - encouraging, praying, and helping! We ”Zoomed” with her regularly and she kept us moving and knowing what to do next.

Thank you, Lisa!


We also want to take a moment to thank Lisa’s partners.

Lisa has prayer and financial partners all around the country, just like we do. She also spent a season building a team of partners and relies on them to be able to do her job.

To Lisa’s partners, we are so thankful for YOU! Because of your prayer and financial partnership with Lisa’s Wycliffe ministry, we are ready to go on the field. Because of your partnership with Lisa, we are fully equipped to move to France for language school - and then to live in Africa to aid in Bible translation.

Lisa’s stateside ministry is vital to missionaries like us who are spread all over the world. THANK YOU for your partnership in the Gospel!


When I was a kid, I thought that missionaries only lived overseas. But that’s just not true. The network of emotional, spiritual, and practical support and wisdom from our Wycliffe missionaries assigned in the US is vital. We are so thankful!

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